Discontinued Yachtsman220 Bible Study Blog

Discontinued Yachtsman220 Bible Study Blog

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The new posts that I will be writing will go on another blog I have. There is an rss feed on this blog which you may choose to use to assist you with transitioning over. There is a better way: just click this link once, save the web page to your bookmarks, and stop reading the blog located at this old url.

Privacy Policy Page

This website is one of 6 that share the same privacy policy with the following address: https://webmaster220.blogspot.com/p/privacy-policy.html *

  *This will take you to a service that asks questions and publishes a free privacy policy that has a meter on it and after 25000 impressions the privacy policy has a price that I will need to pay, or it will expire. I answered the questions the service asked on behalf of all 6 of the blogs because the blogs are exactly the same in all the ways the questions had to be answered.

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