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Discontinued Yachtsman220 Bible Study Blog

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The new posts that I will be writing will go on another blog I have. There is an rss feed on this blog which you may choose to use to assist you with transitioning over. There is a better way: just click this link once, save the web page to your bookmarks, and stop reading the blog located at this old url.

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CI News: 24 August 2018

If you are curious why yachtsman220 wants you to see these videos from Great Britain, I just thought you might be able to relate to the impact modern culture is having on some other country than the one you are living in. For example, I live in Gilbert AZ in the USA. The struggles we go through in the USA are not the same as the ones in Great Britain but they are real just the same. We all need to take our stand for the Word of God. We all should study to show ourselves approved unto God.